Taiwan, China this summer cheap sunglasses fashions continued last year's trend color lenses, but richer color change lenses, lenses and frames are made of a gradient, contrasting colors. In addition, the market has shown some technological innovation dragonfly sunglasses, sunglasses and camera sunglasses bones.
Taiwan and Taiwan sunglasses company manager Ye Zhiming, said this year's color trend sunglasses sun charm unabated, color is more bright, avant-garde. To launch a number of designer sunglasses sun sunglass lenses using diamond cutting method, the edge of the lens is refracted back role, far from looking shiny. Lenses are also great exaggeration, bigger than the frame, it looks like on the lens directly attached to the frame. Montblanc retro chase this year, launched a number of rectangular black box or tortoiseshell pattern frame, with amber, gray series lenses, athletic and elegant. Milan ? m blue sunglasses company's French designer Alain ? Mike Li predicted that the next few years will remain popular sunglasses sun light sheet metal frame of the product. In order to increase the texture of sheet metal sunglasses, fashion popular in Europe in the frame, the frame edge inlaid diamond pieces, add dash of nobility.
Alan Mike Li and Issey Miyake to launch "dragonfly sunglasses" mirror angle can be divided into two telescopic lenses from the middle folded, the whole pairs of sunglasses very lightweight, with a mirror box with a circular transparent design, cool sunglasses closed box like in the mirror coated on the pupal larvae inside.
In addition, Alan ? Mike Li also introduced the world's first vice camera sunglasses, the wearer can be shot while walking to the eyes faithful record world. Because the current line problem, wearing sunglasses still carry Holds photography line the pockets. The second generation wireless camera sunglasses will be launched in a few months. Milan ? m Blue also introduced the second generation of skeletal sunglasses, sunglasses do not see a whole vice screws, bearing 30 kg without distortion, mirror feet can be rotated 360 degrees.