Originally intended for the stuff we do not, as long as they one by pop stars wear, often become hot hit. If present at the ceremony earlier Nicholas wearing sun visor-style super, as well as all across the United States Edison new brand SRS, will be eligible to upgrade to the star of new products.

Cheap Sunglasses
About 1752, eyewear designer James Ayscough recommend using blue and green glass lenses, the lens is extremely light to improve the transparency of dazzling feeling, is not intended to block the sun. By 1929, Edwin H.Land invented and patented polarizing filters, 1936, this lens is widely used and made ??into sunglasses, with different styles of frame design, making sunglasses since become a very important human fashion accessories.
Edison put on the previous quarter, the new U.S. special brand of SRS Tee enjoyed dancing, very lively.
The so-called mask style sunglasses, feature is the use of a large lens curvature can be close to the face. The mirror in addition to Nicholas wearing black, and green models, two were boys and girls.