Interpreted as the swimming suits fashion, Grace Kelly has long been fashionable examples. No longer just to emphasize the graceful posture, and become essential mix. Casually revealing swimsuit corner, reverie, is sexy highest level.

[Style one: modern city] has a simple and modern city meant V-neck design. Slim Halter Sash, zipper fly, can easily master the sexy sense of proportion, then the width of metal beam from high on the waist belt, and sketched a perfect body curve, while the modern and neat temperament Chende head.

[Style II: sports fashion] beige, green and sky blue, the colors are very comfortable calm, Stella McCartney put them together in their bathing suits on, there was this quiet refreshing design. Sports bras style simple upper body to stretch the limbs mood; waist bloomers bunt with a folding design, loose casual wide vision has been shaped from "comfort" to express the very place, the more people want to have Experience the idea.

[Scene three: 60's's] style of that era's interpretation is so apt to restore, across time, back to the past. Abstract and bulk composition swimsuit pattern printing, black thick lines in the white more clearly visible under the costume, swimming cap is also made of the same suit was the most fashionable scarf looks like. Xiaojian ride lapel waist, the waist after convergence spread light Man mini wrap dresses, Piaoye lines once again highlighted the 60s fashion theme.

[Scene Four: Alternative Punk] upper body design to some extent can be "grand" to describe his breast deep V design, generously revealing seductive cleavage and flat stomach, black and gray colored trim wrapped up between fall full black sequined clothes, no less than the street punk alternative family.