29 août 2013

Learn PoppyDelevingne degree pretend to wear cool

The British model and actress inspirational model modern refreshing degree pretend season : rich resort-style dress , with understated accessories. Easily control her freedom casual style - with simple embroidery dresses atmosphere , with sleek shoulder bag , plus a touch of lips . 1. MELISSA ODABASH Laura embroidered voile dressNET-A-PORTER.COM exclusive sale. MelissaOdabash iconic "Laura" dress introduces a striking fluorescent blue sequins embroidery and understated inlaid and other innovative design elements. It uses lightweight... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2013

Speeding Taiwan swimsuit

Recently, the China Taiwan Textile Federation and swimming suits industry jointly developed "speeding Taiwan swimsuit" racing-type swimsuit certified. Taiwan Textile Federation relevant responsible person said, this swimsuit features excellent game in the near future Taipei Age Group Swimming Competition will showcase the new swimsuit, so that participants experience the combination of innovative technology and fashion textiles. Taiwan Textile Federation Executive Industry Bureau "high-value fashion design industry promotion plan",... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2013

From Australia's top sports brands - Speedo

Speedo women swimming suits is a world famous manufacturer of sports brand SPEEDO company. Speedo from Australia, founded in 1928, grew from a manufacturer of top grade underwear swimwear manufacturer. Since its inception, Speedo (Speedo) and the Olympic Games will have a very deep roots, won the Olympic athletes wearing Speedo swimwear many glory, becoming Speedo pride. Speedo is the FINA long-term partners and sponsors, the first five of the world's top swimmers in the Speedo sponsored four. Currently, Speedo) product of four... [Lire la suite]
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14 août 2013

Bikini Party

Sanya thousands bikini swimsuits party is fashionable Media Group, "fashion health" effort to build the magazine's top bikini event, but also Sanya Municipal People's Government of the project activities. As an international coastal tourist city, Sanya has a beautiful bay with sandy beaches, and unique beach culture. This year, the "fashion health" will be fully upgraded Carnival Bikini thousand people involved in sports fashion bikini, beach in Sanya, further enrich the culture, but also in a whole new perspective to the majority of... [Lire la suite]
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09 août 2013

Maggie was discovered

When the eight-year scouts Zhao Runqin settled in Beijing, he will be in the blog posted on its mining star some experience, it is learned, it was excavated Maggie Cheung, Cherie Chung, Elizabeth Lee, Lan Jieying, Loretta, Cally Kwong, Rosamund Kwan, Idy Chan and many other big star. Recently, he published an article Secret Maggie Cheung after its discovery. "The company wanted to make a soda ad VITA this soda was the hot product, so customers require very high advertising heroine." So, they went to look for beauty in Central. At this... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2013

Sharkskin swimsuit with swimmer miracles

In the Beijing Olympics, the Water Cube, swimmer shark skin swimming suits with magic together to create a miracle. Speedo swimming suits along with Phelps, etc. have attracted worldwide attention. In the Water Cube swimming world record constantly being refreshed. Even though some athletes broke the world record, but even they did not get medals. It seems, the Water Cube is indeed a paradise for swimmers. And thus, Speedo swimming suits is also of concern. Since this swimming suits2 since listing, before the Olympic Games, that is 38... [Lire la suite]
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